Market Reports:


Had 469 head DAIRY cattle on May 3rd special heifer sale. Our largest sale so far. Still a buyers market with many open heifers from $.80-.85/lb. Some fancy Holsteins to $1.00. 5 Jersey heifers approximately 400lbs @ $625/head! Nearly 200 consigned already for next heifer sale June 7th. Please call to have your cattle included in advertising. Had a horrible customer service experience from one of our regular vendors; I figured they might want to know so I called and told them. (Don’t think they cared as much as I did.) Got to thinking about it, even though I think quite highly of our staff, I wonder if any of our customers have a less than satisfactory experience... if you have, please let me know so we can fix it!


We have Ascension Day church services May 10th, so we scheduled a Tuesday sale. Top cow last week 2150 Tom Wiker, Mineral Point. Still a lot of good quality cows selling 900-1600. Recently sold several top herds private treaty, two were averaging in the 90s and one was over 100lbs!! As always feel free to call with any marketing questions and don’t forget, if you can’t make it to the sale, we do order buying with no cost to you. Be safe as you get in the rush of field work!


Top cow this week 1750 Gideon Miller, Cashton. We again had a lot of good quality cows last week. Milk futures are looking up & top cows selling a little higher! Still an excellent opportunity to upgrade your herd with many good cows going for $1,200-1,600. Recently saw an interesting church sign: "Just a reminder, we are still open between Easter and Christmas."


Well, I guess we sure got our share of April snow! Hard to tell how much it is with all the drifting. We again had a lot of good quality cows last week. Top sellers, $1,800 Wilmer Martin, Colby. $1,800 Jason Brubaker, Thorp. $1,750 Norman Martin, Stanley. $1,700, $1,700 consignment, Colby. Still many good cows selling $800-1300. Plain, blemished and mismanaged cattle severely discounted. We milk all the cows we sell and give a warranty on most of them. Next special heifer sale is May 3rd. Expect 250-300 head, had 309 last month with a few Holsteins at $1.00/lb, Jerseys to $1.50.


We again had a successful special heifer sale with 309 head. Several lots of fancy green 5-600lb Holsteins right at 1.00/lb on estimated weights. Jerseys to 1.50 or a little more. Plain heifers mostly .80-.85/lb. Overall it continues to be a buyers market. Many good young cows selling from 900 to 1300. Just really a lot of cows on the market right now. People keep asking when we’re putting in a scale & doing feeder cattle sales - guess we need to think that through. So far nobody offered to finance a scale! As always, don’t hesitate to call if you want market advice or free on farm appraisals. Think spring!!