Market Reports:


Imagine that. Was driving along and my phone quit working. No calls, no texting, no nothing. Stopped at one of those little hole-in-the-wall phone stores. After a lot of back and forth with customer service, tech support, and fraud division, they determined my phone has been hacked!! No, I'm not interested in your latest new phone for the price of 2 cull cows. Nope not the stripped down model for the equivalent of 500 gallons of milk either. The clerk couldn't have been a day over 18 and I expect her friends got a good laugh at my expense, "can you believe it?? some old codger bought a flip phone today??!!! Top cows this week 1350 to 1500. Good grass hay up to $105 per bale.


So if the borrower is a servant to the lender, ( Proverbs 27:7 ), what do you make of it if the servant, ( borrower ), acts like a king?? Continued excellent buying opportunities on dairy cattle!! We are still selling many cows and hfrs at less than the cost of production. Econ 101 says this is not sustainable long term. Evidently it can last longer than we'd like though. Sold several more nice herds private treaty. As always, don't hesitate to call with marketing questions! If you can't make the sale, we do order buying. Hay has been selling quite well and we would be glad for more consignments. We 're getting a nice amount of feeders for our first sale, excited about that! Top cows this week, 1725, Henry Borntrager, Granton. 1700, Sam S Hershberger, Loyal. 1675 Levi Hershberger, Loyal. 1575, Henry Miller, Loyal. 1575 Sam Hershberger, Cashton.


Sure see a lot of excellent looking crops in my travels. My how we've been blessed other year with exactly the right amount of sunshine and neither a teaspoon to little, or to much, rain! Our milk check pay price was $15.16/cwt this month and guess what?! that wasn't a teaspoon to much either cause its all gone already!! We have a very competitive market on Dairy cattle, cull cows, Bulls, Fat cattle, calves and hay and YES we DO want your business!! Let us know what we have to do to earn it!! trucking available from all areas.


Beautiful morning, temps in the mid 40's, and autumn here we come! Iam convinced we will get through this current challenging market... just not sure when. Top cow this week $1,550, Fred Miller, IA. $1,500, Sam Hershberger, Cashton. Market cows mostly $0.36 to $0.60. Sold 319 head Thursday. As always, don't hesitate to call with any marketing questions and also, as always, we do order buying if you can't make the sale. Can't say enough good about the support we're getting from the community, both buyers and sellers. Thank You!


Sold 197 head on Thursday's Dairy sale including 4 herds. Quality is everything with supreme cows still selling respectable. Top cows $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal, $1,300 $1,200 $1,200 James Horning, Spencer. Sold 35 head market cows mostly selling $.42-$.48 top $.58. Small hay sale with lower quality round bales grass selling $25 to $35.