Market Reports:


Sold 197 head on Thursday's Dairy sale including 4 herds. Quality is everything with supreme cows still selling respectable. Top cows $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal, $1,300 $1,200 $1,200 James Horning, Spencer. Sold 35 head market cows mostly selling $.42-$.48 top $.58. Small hay sale with lower quality round bales grass selling $25 to $35.


Thanks again to all buyers and sellers who choose to do business with us!! We appreciate it like you wouldn't believe! Don't know if I mentioned this before or not but 100% of our office and barn staff are current or former dairy farmers. People with respect for your cattle and respect for you. we will now have hay and dairy sale EVERY Thursday followed by cull cows, market cattle and bulls. Sold 11 lots varying quality hay. Gras hay from $32.50 - 55 and good quality alfalfa up to $80. Nice top cows $1,400, $1,400 Pete Palmer, Greenwood. Still very challenging market with good cows selling from $700 to $1,100.Top Springing heifers to $1,250 but mostly $750 to $1,050. Market cows up to $.57. We are now selling market cows after the dairy sale, VERY COMPETITIVE MARKET!!! Hope to see you next week!!


Sold 12 lots varying quality grass hay $30-$55 per bale. Nice top cows $1,400 Robert Lang, Marathon, $1,400 Amos Yoder, Abbotsford. Still a very challenging market with many good dairy cows selling $ 700 to $1,100. Top Springing hfrs to $1,200, but mostly $750 to $1,050. We had our first market cattle sale, 104 cull cows sold mostly $.42-.55. One of our main heifer buyers, Linus (Bumper) Kuennen, 68, was killed in a tractor rollover Aug 16th while brush hogging on his farm. Another reminder to us that the call of death is so sudden, solemn, and final. 3 things that came to mind when thinking about Bumper, he always paid on time and in full, he used some words that should never cross Christian lips, and almost without fail he signed off our phone calls with a cheery, "Lord Willing, I'll see you sale day."


As a matter of fact, yes, it is warm enough for me!! Although sitting here in front of the fan & eating the juiciest watermelon makes it kinda ok. Sold our first semi load of grade and yield cattle last week, was pleased how that turned out.


Well I'm pleased to say we have our scale in now and look forward to have feeder cattle sales in the near future. A rather large crowd of buyers and spectators today, we always like that! Extreme top cow $1950 Warren Burkholder, Loyal. Overall still a buyers market. Many good cows sell $900-1400 with old or blemished cows down to market price. Good quality bred heifers mostly $750-1200. Open Jerseys heifers up to 1.61/lb! Holstein open heifers mostly .65 to .85/lb, a few to .95. Heifer calves 50-80/hd. As always, don't hesitate to call with any marketing questions. We're always looking for feedback on how to improve our business too. 265 head sold.