Market Reports:


Much as I wanted to share more of what I learned in my whit collar crime study, that still small voice keeps saying "don't". Instead lets read Romans 12:17-21. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cows $1,700 Harry Keim, Willard. $1,675 Rueben Hershberger, Westby. $1,550 Michael Bender, Unity. $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal. Lots of very good cows selling $850 to $1400. Springing heifers mostly $800-950. Open heifers up to $.65/lb. Feeder cattle higher. 6 Angus steers 718 lbs 1.44/lb. Holstein steers mostly $.70-.90. Cull cows up to $.58. Very strong demand for hay! Rounds mostly $95 to 120. Large squares grass up to $150. Small squares $4.75 to $7.00 per bale. Thank You so much for your continued support!!


What a waste of resources. Went to the bank to open a savings account for our 7 and 9 yr olds. Five pages and 7 signatures per account and we were in business! Plus they sent 12 more pages, of mostly fine print, legalese along home. Fell asleep before I read it all but among other things it did have us agree to not use the account for any illegal activities. AND, if the boys keep more than $49.99 in the account they get paid the astonishing rate of .01%!! I wonder how the bank can afford it but I guess they know what they're doing. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cow $1,650, lots of very good cows $850 to $1,400. Cull cows selling quite well, many .40-59, choice Holstein steers to .90. Still very strong demand for hay with most round and squares grass bringing $90-110 @ bale. Top $120


Mark took 5th place in the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Contest in Rugby, North Dakota last week, and third in a ring man competition. Congrats Mark! My Parkinson's is definitely speeding the aging process ( save the age wise cracks, 53 isn't really that old!!) Had a 60ish year old lady like to help me across the street the other day. How manly do you think that'll make you feel?! Over all dairy cows trending lower, many good cows selling $800-1300. Top springing heifer $1,250. Cull cows up to $.60. Top dairy cross steer $1.08 and Swiss steer $.94 Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. We dohave a very competitive market and we do need more market cattle!! Large round and square bales of hay up to $110. Small squares mostly $3.50 to $4.50. Top $5.75.


Our son Mark placed 5th at the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Contest in Rugby, North Dakota this week. Congrats Mark! I wonder if my paying property taxes at the last hour correlates to having the last mile in the township to be plowed!?? 477 head consigned this week with a good sized crowd considering the snow event we were having. Dairy cows seem to be trending a little lower. Top $1,550 with many good cows selling from $750-1100. Springing heifers mostly $750-950 top $1,200. Opens up to $.72/lb. Butcher cows $35-48, top $58. Choice Holstein steers up to $.91 a pound. As always, thanks for the business!!


32 below on the thermometer and a slight breeze is not ideal for sale day!! Nice and warm in the arena, and enough hardy souls here to make a fair market. Top dairy cows again 15 to 1800. Large sale next Thursday hope to see you then!! Thanks for your continued support!