Market Reports:


Took my "new for me" car in for service. My regular mechanic said it seems in great condition & for once it looks like I got a good deal on a vehicle! Bought it from Matthew 715-773-0500 Pine Ridge Auto Sales in Thorp. Be sure to tell him you read about it here! Definitly had a buyer's market again on dairy cows this week. Lots of decent cows sold from $800- 1,400. Extreme tops last 30days ranged from $1,600 to $2,500. Keep getting more and more good Holstein fats. 61% sold over $90/cwt this week! Top lots $95.25 John Yoder, Spencer and Steven Martin, Thorp. $95.00 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Top dairy cross, $109 Herman Miller Jr, Spencer. We have an excellent fat cattle and cull cow market!! Don't forget we have reasonable rate trucking available everywhere and lower total selling costs than most!


So you want to be elected to a high office? Here's the deal, and its really simple. Promise the people you will make the telemarketer/Robo/Scam, calls stop. Period. Forget about negotiating nuclear disbarment, fixing climate change, or building a big wall somewhere. JUST STOP THE ANNOYING CALLS!!! I'm fairly certain you'll get over 80% of the vote, with the exception being the 19.2% of the population that's making the calls! No, no thanks I don't want to be the Chief strategist of your Administration but I'd be more than happy to do the occasional freelance gig for you for a substantial fee.:)


Was well pleased how it turned out having a Friday sale. A shorter run with 194 head, but very good quality! Top dairy cow $1,800. Brian King, Edgar had 3 others at $1,600. Still selling many decent dairy cows $900-1,350 with blemished cows near cull price. Top cull cow $.65/lb. Dorcas Raber, Spencer had top choice/prime Holstein steers at $94. Several other consignors with Holstein steers at $89-92. Top dairy cross $106.50.


Had another larger than average sale this week. Ended up with 98 consignors. Top cows this week were from $1,400to $1,600. Many good cows selling 850 to 1350. Colored feeder strs topped at $1.30 on 650 pounders. Good Holstein Feeders weighing 450 - 750 brought $. 77- .92 @ lb. Fed Holstein strs up to $.90 consigned by Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. Hay sold strong again. Large squares alfalfa and grass $95 -$150. Rounds $85 to $125. Baleage up to $120 @ bale for rounds.


If you want to go from here to east central Michigan it would be nice if they had a bridge straight across the lake. I wonder who drew the property lines that the U.P. is part of Michigan instead of Wisconsin? And then they claim all that water as lake Michigan too!! It's always fascinating to me when I cross the Mackinac Bridge, how do they go about building something like that? On our way home on Sunday afternoon I was wearing my Sunday suit, had to smile a little when the guy collecting toll said, "that'll be 4 bucks Reverend"!! Guess he thought I look like the priest. I suppose there's worse things to be called! There was a lot of field work happening in MI. Most of it looked fit. Their hay fields looked much better than around here. What a welcome home... how did that cat get in the house!?!? We arrived home about 9:20 last night. Moved several sleeping from van to bed. Got other children settled relatively quickly and by 9:45 house is quiet. About 9:46 mom comes front the hall and not frame of mind and looking for a cat. She had discovered cat smell cat hair and cat droppings in our bedroom!! About the same time Elvin comes tearing out of his bedroom all excited because he heard baby kitties somewhere! Long story short we found a mother cat and a nest of kittens in the boys bedroom closet. Maybe here I can make a little spiritual analogy after all, as Christ is doing even now for us, the pleadings and interceding of four little boys on their behalf saved those cats from a great and certain Doom!