04/25/2019 10:30 AM
Special Dairy and Feeder Cattle Sale

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL:   55 Holstein cows 2 Holstein heifers, including 6 nice Red & White cows. Herd is all AI mated and bred thru Select Sires. Cows are used to being on pen pack and being fed in headlocks and milked in a tiestall. Majority of this herd is due for fall calving with several recently fresh cows. 60 lb milk 200 SCC with a high test!! Not pushed and fed homegrown feed.

04/27/2019 9:30 AM
On- Site Auction

ONE OWNER ON SITE AUCTION OF GUNS, ANTIQUES, TOOLS, AND MORE!!!   45+ Guns, several new in boxes, several antiques, one handgun!!! Complete listing coming soon!!

05/02/2019 10:30 AM
Special Heifer and Dairy Sale

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL:  40 Holstein tiestall cows, including 2 FANCY Red & Whites!! 31 of these cows are fresh since January 1st with the balance being due in May & June. Bull bred herd with top quality bulls being used. Not pushed, no TMR, and very little grain. Cows are let outside every day. 60 lb tank average. Fresh cows that have potential for a lot more milk!!

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL # 2  45 Holstein tiestall cows. More info coming soon.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL # 3  40 Holstein cows and 5 Holstein hfrs. A High Grade Tiestall herd!! More info coming.

7 Organic heifers!! Holstein, Fleckvieh, and Jersey cross heifers, some breeding age and some short bred.

Many heifers already consigned for this sale. Expecting 450 head!

05/09/2019 10:30 AM
Special Dairy Sale

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL RETIREMENT SALE:  145 head Registered Holsteins, including 55 cows, 29 bred heifers, 61 heifers from baby calves to breeding age. Herd has been AAA mated and AI bred for 80 years! Top sires used from Select Sires, ABS, and Semex. Current bulk tank average is 68 lbs, 190 SCC, 3.8F, 3.0P with several individuals fresh and over 100 lbs a day!! Herd is calfhood vaccinated and has tested negative for staff and micoplasma. The heifers out of this herd are as fancy as any heifers we have had the opportunity of selling in quite some time!! More info to follow. Coming from Rising Rainbow Holsteins, Joe and Kathy Hughes

05/11/2019 9:30 AM
On Site Auction

11 older model cars, tools, lawn & garden equipment and Much, Much more!! Full listing coming soon.